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One Step Cereal

Around the world, millions of families – nearly 800 million people – are facing food insecurity. We’re partnering with Meals from the Heartland to feed 5 million children around the world each year with sales from Hy-Vee One Step Cereals. 

Thanks to the sales of One Step Cereals, thousands of children around the world receive nutritious meals on a regular basis – often through schools or orphanages. Each cereal purchase helps feed one child through the meal packaging and distribution programs of Meals from the Heartland. Since the One Step program began, we've distributed more than 13 million meals. Now that all Hy-Vee brand cereals are part of the One Step program, we're committed to providing 5 million meals each year to children in need.

Feeding the Hungry

Meals from the Heartland, a nonprofit based in Des Moines, Iowa, partners with organizations already deeply connected to communities that face hunger on a daily basis. Meals from the Heartland ships meals nationally and internationally to on-the-ground organizations that are continually assessing the needs of the communities they serve, and that are often helping residents of those communities learn more about sustainable farming practices, education, healthcare and more. Hy-Vee employees and their families participate in meal packaging events throughout the year organized by Meals from the Heartland. To see how your community can help pack meals for those in need, visit the Meals from the Heartland website.

Hy-Vee employees and their families participate in meal packaging events organized by Meals from the Heartland.

About Meals from the Heartland

  • Nutritional value to those in need Meal packs contain rice, soy protein, vitamins, mineral supplements, and dried vegetables
  • Can be shipped and stored safely Meal packs last for months
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6 people a pack

Each meal pack feeds six people and costs $1.20 to prepare

Boxes of One Step Cereal

Help Us Fight Hunger

Every box of cereal you purchase provides one meal for a child struggling with hunger.

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Feeding the Hungry