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Hy-Vee Partners with Online Retailer Pair Eyewear to Bring a Hybrid Shopping Experience to Hy-Vee Customers

September 2, 2021 | News & Press Releases

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (Sept. 2, 2021) — Hy-Vee, Inc. announces a new partnership with online retailer Pair Eyewear to bring in-store Pair Eyewear kiosks to select Hy-Vee locations across the company’s eight-state region. The first kiosk will be located inside the new Grimes Hy-Vee in Grimes, Iowa.

The Pair Eyewear kiosks will offer a hybrid shopping experience for Hy-Vee customers, allowing them to try eyewear frames on in stores and place prescription and non-prescription orders online through the in-store kiosk. Products will be shipped directly to the customer’s home within 5 to 7 business days through standard free shipping. Hy-Vee is the first U.S. retailer to offer customers the ability to try on and shop Pair Eyewear products in stores. 

Pair Eyewear offers high-quality, affordable and personalized eyewear for adults and children, including optical glasses, sunglasses and blue light glasses, available in both prescription and non-prescription form. In addition to the brand’s “base frame,” customers can also choose from a wide variety of “top frames,” that attach to the base magnetically, allowing wearers to change their style in a snap. The brand offers an expanding selection of more than 1,000 customizable top frame designs including collaborations with Harry Potter, Marvel, The NHL, MLB and more. Base frames are available starting at $60 including prescription lenses, and top frames start at $25 each. 

“The introduction of Pair Eyewear to our Hy-Vee customers brings variety and value to their shopping experience through this hybrid model,” said Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee’s chairman, CEO and president. “By combining our in-store format with Pair’s e-commerce platform, we are able to build a unique and convenient experience for our customers.”

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Hy-Vee in launching Pair Eyewear’s first physical retail outpost as we continue to reimagine the way people shop for glasses,” states Pair Eyewear Co-CEO and co-founder Sophia Edelstein. “We look forward to introducing our innovative, customizable products to Hy-Vee customers in a fun and interactive setting, encouraging Hy-Vee customers to personalize and wear their Pair Eyewear as an empowering form of self-expression.”

Hy-Vee customers will be able to try on Pair Eyewear’s most popular base frames in-person, and browse the brand’s vast collection of top frames through the kiosk’s digital component, including some of the brand’s limited-edition and collaboration collections. For every pair of glasses purchased, Pair donates a percentage of sales to the Eyelliance who works to provide vision care to school-aged children around the world. 

Customers can purchase prescription Pair Eyewear using their health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). Customers with an out-of-network benefit can submit their receipt to their insurance company to be reimbursed.  

In addition to free standard shipping, Pair offers a 30-day free return or exchange policy. In their Pair Eyewear shipment, customers will receive instructions on how to adjust glasses for optimal fit.  

Hy-Vee plans to open more than a dozen in-store Pair Eyewear kiosks across its eight-state region over the next year.


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About Pair Eyewear: Pair Eyewear, the first direct-to-consumer, customizable eyewear brand reimagining the consumer experience for those with glasses, allows adults and children alike to quickly and easily customize the look of their glasses anytime, anywhere. Pair Eyewear provides high-quality, affordable glasses with an engaging digital experience for just $60.00 per Pair including prescription lenses - well below the $300.00 average price point for a Pair of prescription glasses. The brand's large and expanding selection of over 1K+ customizable top frames includes limited edition monthly drops and licensed designs from brands such as Marvel, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, The NBA and more for optical glasses, sunglasses, and blue light glasses, all available in both prescription and non-prescription forms. To learn more about Pair Eyewear, visit: