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Hy-Vee CEO Jeremy Gosch Named Vice Chairman of Hy-Vee Board of Directors

Executives Donna Tweeten and Aaron Wiese to assume president roles overseeing
distinct areas of Hy-Vee, Inc.’s business activities

December 21, 2022 | News & Press Releases

At Hy-Vee, Inc.’s annual stockholders meeting, Hy-Vee CEO Jeremy Gosch was named vice chairman of Hy-Vee’s board of directors. Hy-Vee Executive Chairman of the Board and Executive Director Randy Edeker announced Gosch’s promotion along with several other leadership changes at the meeting.

Gosch started his Hy-Vee career in 1996 as a part-time clerk at the Coralville, Iowa, store and was named store director at Eldora, Iowa, in 2002. He held store leadership positions in several communities before joining Hy-Vee’s executive leadership team in 2012 as assistant vice president, operations, for Hy-Vee’s northeast region. He was promoted through various executive leadership roles in merchandising, marketing, strategy and operations before being named president, chief operating officer, in December 2021. Since then, he has fulfilled several executive leadership roles in preparation for this promotion.

Also at the stockholders meeting, longtime Hy-Vee executive Donna Tweeten was named president, Hy-Vee, Inc., and will oversee Hy-Vee’s private brands, merchandising, marketing and digital initiatives. She will also oversee the operations of Hy-Vee’s new retail media network Red Media. Tweeten’s promotion marks the first time a woman has been named president of Hy-Vee.

Tweeten’s career with Hy-Vee began in 2006 as assistant vice president of communications. She was promoted to assistant vice president of marketing in 2009, and in 2011, she was selected as vice president of brand image. Tweeten was promoted to vice president of marketing/communications in 2013, and in 2014 she was named senior vice president, chief marketing officer. In early 2016, she was promoted to executive vice president and elected to Hy-Vee’s board of directors, and later that year she became executive vice president, chief marketing officer/chief customer officer. In 2017, Donna began overseeing brand experience for Hy-Vee, and in 2020, she was also named chief of staff.

Additionally, Hy-Vee executive Aaron Wiese was named president, Hy-Vee, Inc., and will now be responsible for the operations of all Hy-Vee’s healthcare and retail pharmacy locations, as well as Hy-Vee’s newest subsidiary Hy-Vee Healthcare, LLC. Wiese will also oversee new technology initiatives for the company and continue his leadership of overseeing several Hy-Vee subsidiaries, along with Hy-Vee’s supply chain and distribution operations across the company’s region.

Wiese’s Hy-Vee career began in 1993 as a high school student. After graduation, he managed Hy-Vee Care before becoming director, health/wellness strategic planning in 2013. He held various positions of increasing responsibility in Hy-Vee’s health and wellness operations as well as at Hy-Vee subsidiary Amber Specialty Pharmacy. In 2019, he was promoted to vice president, Hy-Vee, Inc.; president, Amber Specialty Pharmacy, and then senior vice president, Hy-Vee, Inc.; president, Amber Specialty Pharmacy. Wiese was promoted several times in 2020 and became president, digital growth, co-chief operating officer in April 2021. In December that year, he was named president, subsidiaries/supply chain. In 2022, he was named president, Hy-Vee Healthcare, LLC.


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